3BetGaming Ltd is a unique point of contact for all betting and gaming needs. With its integrated platform, the company can provide a full range of products for Sportsbook and Gaming operators. Our software applications are developed with the latest technologies and are constantly enhanced so that we can provide the best customer experience. We can provide any kind of bookmaker website solution in accordance with the customer’s specifications.


Our gaming platform is reliable, intuitive and easy to use, ensuring peace of mind for your gaming operations


We offer the most extensive sportsbook on the market ensuring the best betting experience for your clients


We ensure that our products are available cross platform and device meaning you can reach the highest possible number of clients


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Our Services

3BetGaming provides an innovative, intelligent online gaming platform catering for small, medium and large operators through both standalone and hosted solutions. Our platform provides our clients with a competitive advantage, allowing high player retention and value leading to increased revenues and reduced costs.



We provide our clients with a bespoke infrastructure to enable them to carry out both online and/or land based gaming operations. Our solutions are fully scalable and can be tailored to, and deployed by any size business.



Our products provide our business partners and clients with the most up to date and dynamic tools to help analyse their business operations allowing for agile responses to changing markets. We also place our team’s years of experience at our clients’ disposal to assist them in setting up their gaming business.


Web App & Software Development

Our product portfolio is testament to our team’s skills in web application development. Always at the forefront of technological advances and implementing standards compliant best practises, we offer our clients all the technical assistance in deploying their gaming operation.


Mobile Development

Gaming on mobile platforms has overtaken the desktop market. Our expertise in tapping into new technologies has allowed our company to be at the forefront in its mobile product offering. We provide complete solutions to our business partners who wish to take advantage of this growing gaming sector.







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3Bet Sports offers a modular design, and is robust, proven and highly scalable, allowing the same basic system to be tailored to both large-scale operations as well as smaller managed solutions. 3Bet Sports supports both online and land-based platforms.


Multi-lingual & Multi Currency

Full multi-lingual/multi-currency functionality, configurable by channel



All possible bonus types in the industry with real and bonus money tracking. Full budget control with intelligent conversion rules and infinite flexibility.



Extensive APIs for quick integration on all system levels


Fully Scalable

Scalable, multi-tier architecture supports high-volume, high-traffic operational channels.


Pricing models

Differential pricing offered on the same market across multiple channels.


Mixing Bets

Ability to mix live and pre-match events in the same bet


Comprehensive Management Tools

A good sportbook needs to be backed up by powerful liability-management tools, and 3Bet Sports’ interface is second to none. Pre and post-betting liability management and personalized live alerts are just some of the features offered. Traders have a complete view of their risk, which can be filtered if required.


Land-based solution

Our state-of-the-art land-based solution allows shops and agencies to operate in the most efficient way possible with the least amount of costs. Our land-based client allows for fast placing of bets either pre-match bets and live/in-play betting.

Our Track Record

3BetGaming provides
Sportsbook / Gaming Platform / Mobile Solutions



Using the latest & fastest technologies combined with back-ups and failsafes in place, we ensure our clients’ peace of mind


B.I. Update Time

We provide the tools necessary to analyse our clients’ progress and performance



We provide our clients the latest games for both desktop and mobile platforms fully integrated into the 3Bet Gaming Platform



Our tools allow super fast information reports at our clients’ fingertips

3Bet Gaming Ltd channels its expertise and experience to provide clients with the most complete gaming platform possible. The fully scalable 3Bet Platform gives our clients complete control over their products, and allows them to manage their gaming business with ease and peace of mind. The platform is completely extendible and provides follow through via highly detailed and advanced reporting and analysis.

Spectrum of Clients

Built for a spectrum of clients

From white-label startups to huge corporations: For the aspiring, startup companies, 3Bet Gaming offers a shared-architecture with a white-labeling solution. This option not only lowers the costs for the client, but also gets them off the ground and set in a matter of days! On the other end of the spectrum, large-clients can host the complete solution on their hardware architecture with the option to extend the platform even further with the Open APIs.

Hierarchical multi-branding

Hierarchical multi-branding that will fit your company future structure

Multi-branding was deeply rooted in the system from day one, and not a “feature to be added later”. Filtering by different companies, skins, etc comes natural and it’s never a pain for the operator. Just a click of a button and the magic is done.

Painless Scalability

Painless Scalability

We believe that intelligent and optimized code is the answer to many performance problems. Nonetheless, as the client’s need grow, so do the resources required. Our system has been segregated into small units that can be easily separated onto different machines, making it easy to scale the system!

Platform Neutral

Product Neutral System

Many competitors started with a casino or poker mindset, making it difficult and unnatural to integrate other products such as sports-books or virtual sports. The 3Bet Platform has no affinity to any particular product, leveraging the possibilities to integrate with any future product to come on market!


Data-mining and analysis through Business Intelligence

Concealed inside the massive amounts of data generated by our systems are the answers to better customer experiences, conversion rates, and consequently more revenue. The Betting Platform is fully integrate with Business Intelligence technologies that let you ask tough questions and get back key company answers swiftly.


Cutting edge technologies used all round

Powering the 3Bet Platform system are the latest in Web (HTML5 / MVC) and Microsoft technologies (.NET4.5 / SQL Server). We believe that staying abreast with the latest technology and software design techniques is key to our success and robust, high quality products.


Modular system, easILy tailored for your business needs

Our greatest pride is seeing companies grow. We understand that a startup will not have the resources to manage all the realities of a large corporate company. Our customers can tailor their product using our rock-solid building blocks. Modularity allows clients to cherry pick modules and add new ones as the need arises.


A customisable, extendable system

We’ll never throw your ideas away! The promise of customization is real. The product was conceived with extendibility and flexibility in mind, making it easier for us to customize the product within reasonable time-frames and cheaper price tags!

We have developed a state-of-the-art mobile HTML5-based betting platform which provides an industry-leading user experience, offering smooth navigation and an intuitive betting system. Designed to comply with strict regulatory guidelines, our mobile product allows operators to interact with players effectively on a variety of devices.

3bg Mobile

User-friendly front end (Flash/HTML5).

3bg Mobile

Pre-match and live betting modules

3bg Mobile

Odds move dynamically, and are highlighted for clear real-time activity indication

3bg Mobile

Multiple device deployment (for greater player accessibility)

3bg Mobile

Compatible with all browsers, smart phones, tablets

3bg Mobile

All odds updated in real-time (using true push

3bg Mobile

Web-based for iOS/Android compatibility

3bg Mobile

Multi-Lingual: available in English, Italian, Spanish, Georgian, German and many more languages

3bg Mobile

Tailored for all screen sizes

3bg Mobile


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